Minha questão é saber como o ser humano pode viver melhor, e isso só a filosofia é capaz de responder...
Como os gregos, nós hoje achamos que uma vida mortal bem-sucedida é melhor que ter uma imortalidade fracassada, uma vida infinita e sem sentido. Buscamos uma vida boa para quem aceita lucidamente a morte sem a ajuda de uma força superior." (Luc Ferry)

sábado, 16 de março de 2013

Very Simple Reflections About the Importance of the Information

As we can see in this video, information is at the beginning and at the end of everything:
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bow4nnh1Wv0 (go to this point:  1:08:30)
The panelists agree that the universe is a sort of information generator.

Then if information is so central to everything, can I use information to do anything I want (or to achieve any goal I desire)? To become a very rich man, for example (in terms of money)?
Let's assume that I could pay the maximum attention to all information in the Universe (I would therefore be a omniscient being).

 The answer could be: in theory yes, but there are limitations inherent to our human condition that prevents us from accessing that information. Limitations of all kinds: our desire, rationality, form, perception, persistence etc.
[One interesting thing is that I put "desire" as the first drive. That could mean that it is enough to desire something to have it happen (self-help would be a reality!?)].

Thinking in terms of legal entities, a more correct answer could be: it simply means that if one does not pay attention to the maximum information possible, the competitors will, and then they will be more successful, regarding goals.

In summary, I think that in the past, when we didn't have all the information we have today, the information itself was less important. Because very few people had it available anyway. Now that almost everyone can have the information they want or need, not having access to it is something that becomes very problematic.

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